ARTIST: Alex Sibanda, Sculptor

Alex Sibanda
Start date: 2009-12-01

Biography of Alex Sibanda

Alex Sibanda was born in Gweru in Zimbabwe in 1963. His father was a foreman on a farm while his mother took care of her eight children. At school he was encouraged to develop his drawing skills. In 1978 he joined the Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Centre where he was involved in drawing, sculpture and mural painting. He felt most fulfilled when working with clay and focused on figurines performing traditional rural activities such as grinding maize and dancing

Seeking safer pastures than strife-torn Zimbabwe, Alex moved to South Africa in 2004. He found employment at Into Arts in Johannesburg, modelling luxury ware such as vases, figurines and bowls. “But it didn’t have the imagination and vitality of Ardmore,” he says. His fellow countryman Lovemore Sithole invited Alex to visit Ardmore and he joined the team of sculptors in January 2010

At this time, Fée Halsted, founder of Ardmore, and Christopher Greig of Charles Greig Jewellers, were preparing for the Travellers of Africa exhibition. Alex was mentored and guided to create sculpture rather than functional ceramics, deriving his inspiration from images he knew well: the Zimbabwean carved wooden hippo curio found on the roadside and his fellow travellers with their many South Africa-Zimbabwe border crossings, returning with provisions for their families. Alex was inspired as the theme of travellers was very close to his heart

Fée assigned Alex to sculpt the Rider series for the Travellers exhibition at Charles Greig in 2010, and his Hippo Riders were purchased by the Museum of Cultures in Basel, Switzerland, after the Cellars-Hohenort exhibition. He says, “I am happy to be at Ardmore doing what I know best – sculpting. I enjoyed creating the Hippo Riders. They have really put me on the map

Alex is married with four children, two of whom have settled in Johannesburg



  • Amaridian Gallery, New York
  • Anagama Gallery, Versailles, France
  •  “Ivory& Ebony”, Cellars-Hohenort, Cape Town


  • “Ivory& Ebony”, Cellars-Hohenort, Cape Town
  • “Earth & Fire”, Tremaine Gallery, Hotchkiss School, Connecticut, USA
  • Le Negresco Hotel, Nice, France
  • NAADA (National Antiques & Decorative Arts) Faire, Johannesburg
  • Plumbago, Durban
  • Anagama, Versailles, France


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